Yummy Sunday – Thai Food

It’s our first time to visit this place with a lot of food. Today, we went to a floating market, it is known as “Talat Nam” for Thai people. We never knew that there is a floating market near our place. It’s good that a friend of my friend invited us to visit this place. We took a lot of pictures but this one I really enjoy. You can choose the best food for your taste. It’s very spicy but tasty and delicious. Wanna try some?

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2 thoughts on “Yummy Sunday – Thai Food”

  1. wow!yummy gyud na for sure.tanan food sa thailand lami.esuroy ko dha sa floating restuarant next time makaanha ko Thailand by faith…he!he!te, kung naka PR sa imo mga blog pagaaply sa blogvertise kay 3days pa mo due imo epost ug link ra bale isingit ra nimo adds.unya dili nka magbilar para mag bid kay Gmail nila.

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