Watery Wednesday

Palawan is another island in the Phil. It has a long map which is straight. Most places were still surrounded by big snakes. Not all of the places were proven safe for people to live in. Filipinos living in that place, however, tried to navigate the place and make it as a farm, plant trees around and make the land a better place.
It has many beautiful tourist spots where many tourists came and visited.

Watery Wednesday has more to share. Try to join and surf other places.


16 thoughts on “Watery Wednesday”

  1. Gorgeous! Palawan is my favorite place for a beach vacation, but the smaller islands rather than the big main island. Quieter. ;)

    Happy Watery Wednesday! I hope the rest of your week goes by peacefully.

  2. wow I miss this…already got a plane ticket there last dec. 2009 but i cancelled it…there are just more important things to do that visiting there..next time again! beautiful!

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