Today’s Flowers # 2


Flowers are everywhere. It gives beauty and color. Wherever we go, I usually took some pictures. I love it. You can visit more of Flowers posts here.

8 thoughts on “Today’s Flowers # 2”

  1. Sarah, Beautiful Picture of the zinnia's! I was looking through your postings and you have some wonderful shots. It is so nice to see pictures from around the world through blogging. A way to travel for those of us who cannot travel to all of the beautiful spots. It is wonderful to see different cultures and the beauty. Your water pictures of the homes are so pretty. I will love visiting the Philippines through your photos and stories.Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.

  2. The zinnias are so pretty! I never resist taking shots of flowers, lucky there's always flowers blooming in our climate!

  3. Hi Ate!! we're all fine here! kamo kmusta? We'll be going to HY on the 1st week of July ky mgexpire amo road tax and get Lyle immunized.. hope to see you then! God bless!

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