The Touch of Creation – Pataan Mountain Resort

In this world that is filled with fast pace movement of technology and develop by new advancement of society in different aspects, for sure, everyone would love to have some time to relax in which nature is primarily involved. Everyone starves to inhale the scent of fresh air, watch a picture-perfect view, and a day to isolate oneself from the polluted and besmirched locale. In some ways, it was always been a goal to find a refuge wherein we could have all the chances to unlock the things that bother us, and have an intimate touch with God’s wonderful creation.

Once, I have encountered a peculiar spot. A place that is just a farther drive to Philippine National Oil Company (PNOC), and a little farther from Kipot Twin Falls, you are entering an exquisite destination. Feel the breeze of the air as the leaves are freely falling and hear the symphony of the rushing water. The place is filled with healthy-growing green trees, shrubs and various plants all over. Wanna know this place? Well, this is in Sitio Pataan, in its resort situated at Brgy. Mailum, Bago City. The said place is just along the road after you pass Buenos Aires and Kipot Twin Falls. It is said that a retired police bought the resort in the year 1998. Many people were interested in relevance to the resort’s expansion, yet the owner did not take any of them, instead, they depend on the family’s effort who gave contribution to the growth of the place from a humble bahay bakasyunan to a resort ready to accommodate travelers from other places. Now, with one of the Negros protuberant families, the mountain resort has been continuously functioning for more than 10 years. Great!


If you think you need a lot of cash? Scratch that! Need not to worry about your budget because 50 pesos is enough for your entrance fee, and it goes the same with the swimming pool fee. You can also avail an overnight cottage that can carry four to ten persons, for as low as Php. 1,200.00. Public Toilet and showers are also provided in the resort, and its commissary accepts cooking service with a fee. The resort also have their competent staff members and they are available anytime if you need their service. All you have to do is to relax and indulge your senses with the touch of nature. The place is indeed a perfect spot for a get-away. It’s quite refreshing as the green features fill your eyes with amazement, the breeze of the air, and the ambiance close to Mother Earth.


If you want to have some fun and experience in the mountain, you can reach Pataan Mountain Resort while it is not yet recognized by many. The resort’s owner rely on how satisfied the guests persuade their friends and other relatives to come and also visit the spot.

Everyone deserves of a one-of-a-kind way to rest and enjoy oneself, coupled with delving into new things and go through some fresh ideas. Why wait? Do it now, your doubts and uncertainties will be gone after reaching the place. Go and wonder! Be an explorer and let happiness continue to burn your exploration.