The Relaxing Mountain Resort – Mambucal

How could you find a way to relax when life now demands for hardwork? How could you find time to enjoy when you often skip your meal and shorten your sleep session? Sometimes, you neglect the importance of loosening all the stress due to fast pace advancement of life, do you agree? So now, allow me to take you on a place you can visit where you will be stunned because of its beautiful and relaxing setting. A spot that will closely connect you to the nature. Prepare yourself as we go unravel one of the richest resorts in the City, and be ready as we pave way for the captivating beauty of Mambukal Resort.

Mambukal is situated at Brgy. Minoyan, Murcia, Negros Occidental. It is a one-ride travel from Bacolod City. The resort’s sulfur spring can serve as a medicinal balm to your weary flesh, how awesome is that! Not just that, because Mambukal is blessed with an exceptionally beautiful features such as its forests having tropical and semi-tropical trees added with a variety of pines ferns, and orchids that are suited on its cool climate and rich soil known as Mambukal Clay. If you wish to have an intimate encounter with nature, you can upthrust the hanging bridge and enjoy the view from the canopy of trees, or have an exhilarating ride in their zipline, or either sliding for life in the resort’s boating lagoon.

Your Mambukal get away would not be complete without going on a trek to the famous Seven Waterfalls! Taking steps to reach the 7th is a way of rejuvenating your spirit as you come to encounter a fine touch with Mother Earth. Each step will provide you breathtaking view with the abundant species of butterflies and an impressive look of fruit bats that abound the area.

Since Mambukal resort is one with the environment, it is celebrating the Mudpack Festival in which it pertains to the affinity between man and nature. During festival, artists gather to showcase their talent on ethnic dances, music, craft, and other activities. The highlight of the event is the pageant for Ms. Earth Mambukal.

In connection to the accommodation, Mambukal too is an ideal place for overnight sessions, seminars, workshops, and conferences. There are number of facilities that will probably suit you and your needs – family cottages, villas, standard rooms, dormitories, and conference halls that can handle large number of participants. In addition to that, picnic huts and canopies are perfectly situated near two swimming pools.

Everyday is not a day of comfort. Most of the time we busy ourselves facing work stuff, studies, and other businesses. No doubt that we have to release the burden, and be free with the happiness life can give. If you think visiting Mambukal Resort will need large amount of money, you are wrong! Thus, very affordable and pocket friendly.