The Fascinating Boracay Island

This is the place that I would love to visit. Boracay Island is in the Visayas Region in the Phil. A lot of foreigners came and visited this tourist spot. Artists and lovers alike came to this fantastic place. Others wanted to relax while some wanted to see what Boracay is all about. This place is known I guess to most people around the globe. A very known place where people loved to visit and see for themselves.

Although Boracay is very commercialized and expensive, but still a lot of people wished to come like me. lol! I wanted to see what is that inside Boracay and why people really wanted to see the beauty of it. There is such thing as a driving force that magnitize people to come and even tempted people to spend a lot just to see the place. I don’t know, but I wanted to see by myself. If given a chance, I will see this place sooner or later, hehe!