The Dancing Inmates

Can you imagine seeing inmates dancing and known worldwide? You can see it here only in the Phil. somewhere in Cebu City. This is one of the known group of inmates I’ve known here in the Phil. and it is known worldwide for its unique style of caring inmates. It gives an avenue for these inmates to prove themselves that they have something to do in spite of their situation. People around the globe were amazed how they perform and how their leader trained them in a special way. They performed well, they enjoyed dancing and besides they followed the style of dancing of the late Michael Jackson, the known singer and artist of the decade. They even danced in tribute to Michael J.

Another interesting thing is that, this is a tourist attraction for those who would like to visit Cebu City. These inmates did their best to give honor to their city and their leaders as well. Byron Garcia is one name that gave life and fame to these inmates. He was one of Cebu’s Ten Outstanding Men because of his style and creative way to deal with these inmates. His concept of training inmates and discipline is indeed different and unique to all. They did something great.