Technology School

We had been to another place this week to promote our center. A lot of schools were there, whether new or old, small kids and highschoolers were coming too to visit and look at the promotions. That school was known as Technology School.

The place was quite far from our city, so we need to be prepared early. We prepared our booth and placed some of the things we’re doing in the center. Students came with their teachers one at a time. So we have time to give out brochures for our upcoming activities this summer.

A lot of food stalls too, games, and a lot more. ALmost all schools gave their best to promote their activities and gave programs for others to enjoy. We had a lot of time to stay because we went there around 7:30am until past 5:oo in the afternoon.

They have also “Beauty School” as what our neighbor told us where you can learn how to do the haircut, beauty tips, facial wash, and even putting eyelashes. It’s quite interesting and you will really be amused. I will try to take pictures tomorrow. See you then.