Surprises at the tip of your finger

I enjoy writing letters especially real stories about my experience, my family and some circle of friends. It’s really nice and I feel good about writing. I can express myself, my feelings and my hopes.

When I was in college, I took up Bachelor’s Degree in Education and most of my units were writing letters, whether busines or personal letters, and I usually got high grades if our examinations were all essay type. I also taught how to write business letters when we came to Thailand. I was blessed with good teachers.

Then came last year that our Filipino friend encouraged me to make a blog, then I started to make one. I find it hard at first because I’m not used in writing blogs. But then when I continue sharing my experiences, I was starting to enjoy blogging. Then my friend encouraged me to get paid in blogging. That sounds nice to me. While I was browsing through the net I come across and I was impressed by the offer. So, here am I getting the hang of it. And soon enough, I will also enjoy the fruit of my blogging.

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