Songkhla Beach

Songkhla is the province of Hatyai. This is the place where we used to visit especially if we have visitors. We usually brought them to Songkhla Beach, it’s a place to relax due to the coolness of the beach and the breeze coming from the sea.

We went to the beach a couple of weeks ago. We visited different places near the beach such as seeing the two adjascent islands namely; the Cat and the Mouse. You will really amazed how they formed these two creatures made of bronze. As well as the Golden Mermaid.

We also saw a group of young people riding on a banana boat. It’s fun seeing them fall on the water while the one driving in front was making a fast move. It’s our first to see it. It’s great!

We also went to visit monkeys, and it’s timely when we came. It’s time to feed the monkeys. Many people came too and bought bananas and peanuts to attract the monkeys in coming. Our kids really enjoyed that place. It’s fun!