Songkhla Beach

This is the beach we love to visit everytime we have free time. This is known as Songkhla Beach. There were two islands – the Mouse and the Cat. According to the locals, the smaller island looks like a mouse and the bigger one is a cat. They said, the mouse was chasing the cat.
Different people have different beliefs but I CARE about the people and their belief about the One true GOD- that really matters to me.
Anyway, a lot of people are coming here during weekends, they usually bring their family together and enjoy the cool breeze. It’s really cool and cold at times.
More about Songkhla Beach on the next posts.

2 thoughts on “Songkhla Beach”

  1. The cat & mouse looks like fun and a memorable place. Thailand always looks like a beautiful place to visit. Nice photos..thanks for stopping by too-

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