Some Places in Thailand

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These are some of the fascinating places in Thailand. Beautiful places are everywhere here and you can see a lot if you travel around the country. We love to visit different places anywhere and we really enjoy roaming around together with my family. It’s really a pleasure to travel seeing the beauty spots. We love visiting and discovering new things, we even love to try and taste new food and delicacies. It’s amazing!

Beaches are everywhere in our place, there are also lakes, rivers, and waterfalls. We love to visit these places if we have extra time to roam around. It’s a nice experience especially for our kids.

One thought on “Some Places in Thailand”

  1. Cottages on stilts? I don't think I want to be there during the monsoon. ;)

    Lovely country. If I ever went to Thailand, I'll be all over the historical places.

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