Skywatch # 4

Last week, early morning, my sweetie with our teenager went out early morning to join the running contest. Everyone, young and old have the chance to join. I was suppose to join but AJ, my 6 year old was still sleeping at 5:00 in the morning. My sweetie told me that there were a lot of runners came and joined the contest. They had been doing this for quite sometime and many were involved. It’s fun, and one more thing, they gave medals for those who will perform well. I mean, those who were in the top 50 had given a medal. Participants really enjoyed the running event.

For the past years, my sweetie with my teenager got a medal. Snacks were also provided after the contest with a free t-shirt. This was done to promote good health for everyone in the area. I guess, not only here in our place but all throughout the country. And for others to be involved too, to be health – conscious individual.

My sweetie took this picture early morning so that he can show me something after the contest.
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9 thoughts on “Skywatch # 4”

  1. Very nice – very different part of the World from where I live that's for sure!

  2. Looks like lots of people joined. It's a healthy event too, being able to exercise and have fun as well.
    Happy for you and family.

    Have a great weekend! :)

  3. I love morning sunrises. The shot captured the first moments of a run.

    Thanks for coming by and visiting my blog…

  4. the sky is lovely against the darkness of early morning….happy skywatching and have a good weekend…cheers.

  5. What an interesting running contest, a really good idea if you want more people to start running. Nice too with the morning sky! :)

  6. Very nice. My son took part in a running contest last weekend too. He did very well. Looks like a lot of people joined in.

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