Punta Taytay Beach

There were places in Bacolod that attract tourists. Some were found in different beaches which is 20-30 minutes drive from the city. We call it Punta Taytay beach. We usually visit this place when my sister would like to take a deep breath and feel the gentle breeze. And sometimes when it’s low tide we immediately visit this beach and get some shells (we call it “punaw”) and buy other punaws from children who were also doing the same thing behind us or in front of us. It’s not too expensive and not too cheap but we could see joy in the face of those children.

Many children were coming in that just to get shells and sell it to their neighbors just to have something to buy for dinner. A lot of times, my sister and I would even asked funny thing just to befriend these children because they were aloof and afraid to talk. But then when we get their attention, that’s the time that they will tell us about some things they do. And sad to say, a lot of them at the age of 10 or 13 still in grades 1 or 2, and sometimes they don’t know their real name.

They were asked by their parents to take of their siblings during day time and during low tide they will go to the beach and get “punaw” and sell it and buy food for dinner. So everytime we saw children we befriend them and gave them extra amount for dinner.

Another fascinating place next time!!!