Our Journey

We could never imagine how we travelled that far from the Phil. to Bangkok going to Hatyai.

When we first came to Hatyai, we don’t know anybody except our internet friend. It was cool when we came. We felt we’re in our own place because it was so quiet and cozy. The problem I had at first was that cars were passing on the left lane. It was different from our country. And because I felt dizzy, it puzzled me.

We met new friends, we tasted a very different kind of food which is toooooooooo spicy for us. However, people were friendly and hospitable and will always do a “wai” as they greet each other. It’s their way of saying “Hello”.

We learned to love the place, the people and the food too as days, months and years passed by. Now, we learned to adapt to it and we can’t eat without chillis. Hhmmmm …..It’s yummy and interesting…Wanna try some?