Our Friends’ Beach Wedding

The pictures below are some of the pictures taken during a wedding of our friend somewhere in Iloilo City, Phil. They were united and blessed.


13 thoughts on “Our Friends’ Beach Wedding”

  1. Hello Princess! Lovely place for a wedding reception!

    I hope I can visit Bacolod too. Are there nice beaches in your place?

    With my fingers crossed, I'll get there one day!

  2. Wow. Beautiful wedding and I love the designed and the color of their giveaways. Perfect beach wedding!

    By the way, ate sar, ang ibig kung sabihin yon code na ilagay sa side bag sa blog naton.

  3. thanks a lot te sar. I try nako ni himo might tomorrow kay duna pa ko buhaton today. We'll read the story tonight sad. ai pwede nimo ko tabangan sa akong badge? heheeheh

  4. hi ate sar, thanks alot. success! pero i have to study now how I am going to put html code na dili picture and mogawas hehehe salamat kaau.

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