Our Bangkok Trip

Travelling is something that we enjoy as a family but quite tiring. Nonetheless, we love and enjoy the beauty of nature anywhere we go.

It’s so nice to see different tourist spots. We came to Bangkok by bus and it took 14 hours travel by night. Our friends told us of what’s going on in Bangkok at that time because last week the situation was so upset but we had the peace of going no matter what.

So we travelled in the afternoon of Friday and reached Bangkok the next day, Saturday morning. We stayed in a church for 2 days before going to our retreat in another place.

The place where we held our retreat was so nice and peaceful although the city of Bangkok was in chaos. We had rested well and enjoyed.

Here are some pictures that I took…

This is Bangkok. The busiest city in the country.

It has big buses anywhere. If you are not sure of the place, you need to ask the help of friends or people who knew how to speak English. But it’s fun to be there.


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  1. i had lost count on my trips to thailand and i still look foward to go there again.i hope that the situation keep on improving there.i recommend that you take a train journey to bangkok which is interesting too

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