Nominated for the Filipino Blog of the Week

Filipinos around the world are now involved in this so-called blogging world. I had been blogging since last year and I have seen a lot of Filipinos being a part of this blogging industry, so to say. I blog for fun and to share what I’ve seen, read, places I’ve been to and experiences I’ve been through. I also enjoy blogging just to share the exotic food we’ve tasted as a family not only in the Phil. but in other countries where my family traveled, new culture and wonderful people we’ve met along the way. It’s fun meeting people here especially Filipino friends I’ve met in the blogosphere.

Just this day, I received a message telling me that this blog of mine was nominated for the Filipino Blog of the week. I was astonished and amazed. I never thought of this, however, when I checked the link it’s really true. I was so glad and my hubby and teenager was so happy seeing my blog as one of the nominees.

To all of my friends here, I would like to ask your heartfelt support. I can do this with your great help in voting for me. I would like to ask a favor to please vote for my blog, sparing your little time of voting would mean a lot to me, everyday for just a week. I appreciate it so much. Thank you and I’ll be seeing you soon.

Here’s the link:
Filipino Blog

13 thoughts on “Nominated for the Filipino Blog of the Week”

  1. Praise the Lord.. nanguna ka pala sa votes.. I voted na.. Iwill vote again using my other 2 sites..What are sistersfor di ba?

  2. Okay, bumalik ako ulit at nakaboto na ako. 25 votes na ang boto mo at leading ka. Araw araw akong boboto para sa iyo para manalo ka. God bless. BTW, paki delete na lang yung second comment ko. Thanks and God bless.

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