No Respecter of persons

When COVID strikes it’s no respecter of persons. It may happen to anybody anytime, anywhere. You just need to protect yourself and be aware of what is happening around you beside you and surrounding you. By following the protocols would mean protection for you. When we follow we are safe!

I had experienced once and after that, I decided to protect myself and be aware of my surroundings and the people I worked with and talked to. God’s protection is indeed a miracle! When we call upon Him, He is ready to bless us and all the people of the world who asked for His help. A God who never slumbers nor sleeps. A God who hears and listens to our cries, a God who grieved and relent after sending calamity, our God who cares!

Another catastrophe came and we struggled. We cannot help but ask for His help and protection. He alone could help us, He alone could preserve our lives and protect us from any harm or danger. He is the only God of the universe! Why not trust in His unfailing love?