My New Found Badge

For the past weeks I’ve checked my friend’s blog because I also wanted to have my own badge. My friend and I were just newbies to blogging so from time to time we asked each of what to do. Then I tried clicking and found out this badge.

I’m very excited to have my own badge but it takes time for me because I’m quite busy these weeks. After a couple of weeks, I checked again, then I’ve found this Zakka life site which is helpful and easy without knowing more about HTML, I’ve found this site through a friend at His-Her Story. It’s nice to have friends online indeed! Thank you for the help.

Another site that is helpful for me, and you can search it too at Comment Box Colors. You can select the button of your choice and make some editing. You really find it enjoyable and resourceful.

Today I’m excited to post my badge. Hope it’s already okay.

This is the original badge


I edited the html…This is the outcome…the new one…