My Concern

Mt teenager is making me upset these past few days. He wanted to go with me back to the Phil. I also wanted to bring him but we still have some considerations since we already booked a ticket for him in May which we took it in advance during the Cebu Pacific Promotions.

I will still consider to bring him because it would be hard for us to travel with my 7-year old. another thing is that, our teenager needs to prepare for an exam for his studies because last year we were told that his homeschool is not recognized by the government in the Phil. and we’re doing it for 6 years already, we felt sad and discouraged at first but life is like that. We have no choice but to send him back to get the exam and finish his high school.

Life is tougher this year for us as a family but we always believe we can hold our head up high because there is someone who holds our future and someone who really cares for us. We just need to trust in His Unfailing Love and care. Our God is always there for us come what may.

Why does the faith provision the advisory contempt?

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