Manila is the capital city of the Philippines. It is where you could find a lot of cheaper things and expensive ones too. Many people are coming to this place to find a greener pasture. Some are looking for jobs in factories, or big companies. A lot of opportunities await those who wanted to work. Others who came from the mountain regions are also coming and find a work as helpers or housemaids.

We are blessed with friends everytime we came here. They would bring us to different beauty spots or even tourist spots and allow us to see the place and enjoy. They would also bring us to some scenic spots for our kids to enjoy. We had been to different places because of them.

There was a time that they brought us to Manila Zoo for the benefit of our kids but they were all laughing when they knew that it’s first time for us to see the place too. And we’re excited to go, more excited than the kids, lol.

More stories about our visit to Manila next time.