Lantern Festival

It’s a great experience to travel and see the creativity of each country. You can see different views as well as man-made designs.

Last night we visited the Lantern Festival in Hatyai. Actually, it’s our second visit, we went there last December. You will really amused looking at their designs. It’s really great. I will share the pictures later.

Our kids really enjoyed especially AJ, he loves to take a pose and ask his Papa to take pictures. Em-2m my teenager, is already quite shy in the camera, so he only got few poses.

There is a big aquarium with a school of fish inside, seashells and the like; of course with different lights inside the lanterns. People of all ages are coming, I think everyday, just to take pictures and enjoy seeing all the lanterns with different designs and shapes. More and more are coming especially during night time.

If you’re here, you would really love it!