Korean Kimchi

As what I had shared last time, I will be sharing a delicious food made in Thailand but prepared by a Korean.

Last Sunday, after attending the service, we were invited to make the best food in Korea, it is known as Kimchi, We love to eat this kind of food ever since. So our friend decided to make 15 kilos and to be given to some friends and members of the church…Wow what a taste and a blessing for everyone.

It was a tiring day for all of us because we need to prepare everything, 30 kilos are not a joke. We had 2 basins just to put the sauce, whewwww… but all of us also enjoyed and shared the fun.

Thanks for our friends who prepared everything, especially all the ingredients. It’s not a joke really but a blessing to us because everyone enjoyed! What a day!

Maybe I will be sharing the ingredients next week. More Yummy Sunday post with Bogie at Perfectly Blended.


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