Educational Trip

Last Monday it was holiday in Thailand and we decided to have a trip because our students did not come. And besides, we have friends from the Phil. who came and visited us. So it was time for us to bring them and take a glimpse of our city. At first, we brought them to Kimyong Market and the surrounding stalls.

Then we proceeded to Samila Beach in Songkhla. They liked the place, seeing all the people, the beach and the cozy ambiance. We stayed for a while while eating mangosteen. Then we went to the “golden mermaid” and took some pictures. After a while, we show them some places.

Our last stop was seeing the monkeys and it was the right time for feeding the monkeys. We also met a Filipina married to an American, who can speak Ilonggo, our own dialect. She was amazed when she heard our son, speaking. Then we were talking while feeding the monkeys. That was a great day!

When we went back home, our friend uttered that it’s kids’ educational trip too because our sons are doing homeschool. Then on our way home, we passed by the mountain and my hubby was coached by our friends while driving because it was first time for him to drive on that mountain.

Then we had dinner in the “Eat all you Can” restaurant. The locals call it “Mokata.” That was a great day for all of us!