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Watery Wednesday

Watery Wednesday might be one of the known memes I guess, and at times I can’t help but join. We could see many watery places here and there and it’s an enjoyable and cool moment for me. Water makes us feel fresh and we love it as a family.

Here are some of the pictures I’ve got while visiting other watery places around our area.

It’s Good to be Cool

It’s a cool Watery Wednesday. I love this place especially my kiddos. They always enjoy swimming anywhere. Try to join now and learn to be cool. When you see water it’s always cool and people would love to stay in a cool place. We love to come to this place. I guess, you will love to come to this place too.

Watery Wednesday

Watery Wednesday is coming up soon. AJ enjoyed swimming, even when he was still a baby. Now, it’s obvious that he knows how to swim and loves to swim wherever he goes.

Our son enjoys swimming. He loves to swim in any place as long as there is water around. I guess, he would still love to swim when he grows older. This beach is in the Philippines, somewhere in Bantayan, Cebu.