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Great Dinner

We were invited for a dinner this evening by our friends from Malaysia and we had eaten a lot of spicy food. Wow, it’s so nice to have friends around. It’s for the first time that we were able to go to that place. It’s a seafood restaurant but quite expensive. We ate a lot of seafoods especially Neung Pla Ma nao and Tom yam, hhmmmm, it’s really yummy!

We had a hard time going there at first because it was raining but we were able to manage. We saw a lot of businessmen there. It seems that everybody is enjoying their food. It’s quite a big place, though there were droplets of rain coming down from the roof. I think the restaurant is quite old huh!

Anyhow, we had good time together!

Eat – All – You – Can!!!

We went to an Eat – All – You – Can restaurant the other night with some friends. This restaurant provides all the food. Our friends were so amazed while saying, it’s great, I’m so full!

The only thing that you should do when you come is to get anything you want and cook for yourself. They will also provide something for you to cook. The only is you will eat more and can destroy your body figure, huh! They have a lot of desserts too, meats of any kind, and spicy sauces of any kind. You will only pay less, more or less 2.05$ US, cheap, right?
My family enjoyed so much and ate a lot too!