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Been Silent

I had been silent for a couple of weeks due to the loss of our niece. We went back to the Phil. to see her for the last time and we’re blessed by her life and the journey she has had 14 years ago.
She was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 7, had undergone chemotherapy and was healed for 6 years, she was miraculously healed last year but was recurred 2 months ago. We were shocked when we heard of what had happened to her and asked God why at first? But God has a purpose and a plan and He makes no mistakes!

During our stay for 2 weeks, we saw many coming to the Lord through her life. Many testifies how they were blessed through her life and dedication to serve the Lord. And many surrendered their lives to the Master Planner, our Great God.

It’s been a time of sorrow and pain, but reaping was at hand. We were all blessed by her life and how God molded her and we saw how God faithfully carried her through and provided for the needs of the family. It’s not an easy journey but a fruitful one. A time of blessing and reaping…