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Our son’s Pet Balto

I remember last time when one of our students gave us a pretty and cute puppy. Our eldest son who was then in his kindergarten became very happy when he saw our new puppy and he learned to love it so much. We went to a pet shop that are selling Pets T Shirts and our son chose the best shirt suitable for his new pet puppy. He named his puppy “Balto” because for him that name is cute and interesting. He even allowed the puppy to sleep with him at times.

Early in the morning his puppy would wake him up and tried to touch him. That puppy was so cute that our son was so attracted to his pet and cried when his puppy was not feeling well. There were times that he would ask for some help from friends when his puppy became ill and he would give medicines to it. He really took care of his puppy.

I guess, those who have pets can relate to our son, when your pets not feeling well you will also feel the same. That happened to our eldest son, he was so attached to his pet that time. Somehow we learned to love his pet too. And we did everything to make that pet safe and secured. But something happened to that pet, he became so ill that we have nothing to do to let him live. Our son was so grieved that time. But we allowed him to soar and help him find another pet again. For us, finding a pet these days for us seems hard but our son and his younger brother wanted to have a new pet. I guess, we can have it this summer since they have enough time to take care of it.