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Guimaras Island

Guimaras is one of the places that I wanted to visit. Why? Because it is the birthplace of my mother. Her parents had a lot of land and mango plantation. It is a place where you could taste the sweetest mango in the Phil. But sad to say, we were not able to eat mangoes there because it’s not the season for mangoes.
We were excited to go to that place last week, when we were still in the Phil. for 2 purposes:
First, to visit the bereaved family of my mother (her elder brother passed away)
Second, to visit other relatives we had not seen since were born and for our mother to show us her relatives in the barangay.
That was an exciting moment for us as sisters with our brother. We passed two routes, going way south and coming way north. While visiting some relatives, there was heavy rain, and all of us were just laughing and enjoying. Most ofNanay’s relatives were still alive at the age of 90 and above. Our youngest sister was contemplating and asking a lot of times why the people living there lived longer. We missed one auntie of Nanay because she was still selling ibos, puto and suman latik (our delicious delicacies) in the barangay, she was already 90 years old.
We also met another Lola (grandma), she was already 93 years old, and was still strong. We’re glad we met and knew them.