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My Sister is on the Go!!! Try to Check it Out!

My sister is working in a cruise ship. She used to go back home every year and stay for a while. She had been to different places around the globe. How we wish to visit those places, maybe if we could save some amount needed. When that will be? We don’t know. This is the cruise behind. She had worked in the newest and biggest cruise ship in the world. She even met different nationalities with amazing personalities.

She worked in the newest Royal Caribbean, Oasis of the Seas and other cruise ships. She’s a giver and wants to bless people especially her family. We wish and pray that she could find the best man for her life and be with her. She wanted to bless even her friends and new found friends. She’s a blessing to all of us.

My Sister’s Adventure

My youngest sister loves to travel and see different views. She likes to visit different places with fascinating sites. She loves to travel and work abroad. Her main work is in cruise ship where she meets different personalities, nationalities and meets different people, young and old alike. She also loves to meet friends and make friends with them. She could easily make friends anywhere and whatever nationalities or people anywhere in the world.
She also helps our family especially our parents, our brother and other sisters with their families. She is the one helping all of us when there’s a need. She always blesses people, friends and anyone she meets. She is our great and fantastic sister!