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The MassKara in Bacolod! Enjoyed or Overjoyed?

MassKara Festival is now in Bacolod City, Philippines. It is always celebrated every year during the month of October and one of the known festivals in the world since it is already known around the globe. It is one of the festivities that people loved to visit. Tourists from different places, cities, towns and other countries come to visit Bacolod and enjoy the festivities.

There are lots of activities around the city every day starting Oct. 1 which is the Opening Salvo: MassKara, Kari na! Oct. 9 which is the MassKara Queen Pageant and Coronation Night wherein the MassKara Queen was a student from John B Lacson Bacolod. Oct. 10-12 known as the Extreme MassKara, Oct. 11 was the MassKara by the Sea, wherein the people enjoyed the different shows presented. Oct. 15-19, was the MassKara Land, MassKaravan in Oct. 15 and Oct. 16 was the Arena and Street Dancing Competition. Last night was the most awaited time for children and adult alike because it was the competition of fireworks which is done simultaneously to three different places around the city.

My co-teachers enjoyed the colorful street dancing while others were excited to watch the electric MassKara. Anyhow, coming together in Bacolod would  really mean you  will see different activities and you will indeed enjoy the  show. Come to Bacolod and bring home your MassKara.

The Masskara Festival

Masskara Festival is being celebrated this month here in our city, Bacolod, Philippines. Many tourists came and watched different shows like the search for Masskara Queen, the visit of some television artists and new faces in the field of media. People came from different countries and places around the country. Hotels whether small or big were all filled with tourists. Even small resorts and other small inns were also full. This is the month filled with many people to celebrate this kind of festivities.

Last Saturday, we met with my other classmates and teacher in the graduate school and we went to the plaza area in order to take pictures of the different masks and our enjoyed teacher enjoyed since it’s first time for her and her hubby to see this kind of activity.

Silver Masskara Festival 2010

“Kari sa Bacolod dala ka Masskara” are the common words that people would say in this month of October here in our city. Which means “Come to Bacolod and bring a mask”. It’s our Silver Masskara Festival celebration and many tourists came and visited the place. As what our city mayor had reiterated and proclaimed in the television and other mass communication, Bacolod is the center of tourism in this month of October. Many things happened like search for the Masskara Queen which is one of the highlights of this celebration as well as Mask Making contest, barangay dance contest and other contests sponsored by different organizations and groups.

Come to Bacolod, the highlight of the occasion is on the 19th of this month and you could not imagine where people came from any walk of life just to see the celebration.