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Hubby’s Enjoyable Moment

Hubby loves mountain climbing, biking and doing exercises daily. He used to go biking with friends nearby.

He felt good after doing some exercises. Try to look at him, he is indeed enjoying.

He’s with a friend while taking a pose and hubby looks happy while the other looks …. not sure??

When hubby took a picture it looks like this. He is fond of taking a picture in a different view. He used to do it every now and then if friends would invite him to go.

My Family in Bacolod

This is my family in Bacolod, Phil. We love to go to the beach and relax. We call this Punta Taytay Beach. My Nanay is carrying AJ and Doreen (AJ’s cousin). Next to AJ is Karen, my youngest sister in front of her, then Krizzia and Dawna. The one sitting on the bench is JV (you could not see clearly his face. My Tatay is near the beach. You can’t see him here and my sisters with their husbands. Everytime we want to relax, we went to this beach, ate there until pm. It’s really a nice place to relax.

My Sister

I love my sisters and brother. They are dear to me. The one in the picture is our eldest sister (we call her Nang Suzette) with our eldest son Em2 below, my sister’ daugther Krizzia, next to her, Danielle (our sister’s daughter) and Nong Dan (Nang Suzette’s husband).

She is also a teacher in the Phil. They had children namely: Keith (18), Krizzia (13), and Karen (7). I missed my family in the Phil. Miracles happened to our family too last year. God showed how great HE is to us!