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Bonding with Cousins in loilo City

We had a great time visiting Iloilo City after the celebration of the New Year. Our cousin invited us to visit their place and we had a time together. Our kids were able to do some bonding moment with his children. There were 18 of us from Bacolod. Our sister sponsored our expenses. We brought 2 cars and everyone was excited for the adventure. When we reach Iloilo, sad to say, we had no place to sleep since all of the hotels were closed. It was January 2, 2016. We roamed around the city and looked for a place to dine together but almost 98% were closed and the remaining 2% were full of people eating their dinner.

We decided to stay in the house of our cousin. And the bonding continued… the kids have their own bonding moment and the cousins had another bonding experience. The next day, we went to a known place. It is a place to relax, at the same time kids enjoyed to row the boat, touching the yellow python and climbing the wall.