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My Sister in Bacolod

This is my sister with her family in Bacolod. They were eating inside a restaurant and enjoying life with her family and daughter (Krizzia), Em2 (my son) and Din2 (the cousin) with her hubby ( Nong Dan). My sister is also a teacher like me and we enjoy our profession. Our mother is also a retired teacher. That was the dream of our father, for us to be teachers.
Bacolod is a small place and quite place. Although there are some who misbehaved sometimes. But overall, it’s simple but with advanced facilities and technology.

From the City of Smile to the Land of Smiles

Bacolod City is known as the City of Smile – my beloved place. A small city with a great smile. Last year we had a chance to visit my family, from the city of smile – Bacolod City – and we traveled back to the Land of Smiles – Thailand late last year. Though Bacolod city is quite small but many tourists are coming and visited our place. They enjoyed the fascinating place.

This is my youngest sister. She loves to smile always. She is a happy fellow and enjoyed traveling. She also came from the city of smile.

This is our new airport. It’s quite far from the city. It’s also a fascinating attractive place.

This is the daughter of my sister (in front) with her classmates behind her. They performed something in the city of smile.

My son is wearing something red with an accent, taking a pose together with his cousins, they are all smiling, taken at the city of smile.

This is South Thailand – the Land of Smiles! Songkhla Province near the Songkhla Beach.

This is Thailand – the Land of Smiles!
We’re smiling in the Land of Smiles!

Another pose in the Land of Smiles! It’s fun to visit other places.