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Some Places in Thailand

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These are some of the fascinating places in Thailand. Beautiful places are everywhere here and you can see a lot if you travel around the country. We love to visit different places anywhere and we really enjoy roaming around together with my family. It’s really a pleasure to travel seeing the beauty spots. We love visiting and discovering new things, we even love to try and taste new food and delicacies. It’s amazing!

Beaches are everywhere in our place, there are also lakes, rivers, and waterfalls. We love to visit these places if we have extra time to roam around. It’s a nice experience especially for our kids.

Hatyai Airport

We visited this place a lot of times already this year. We had many friends who visited us here and they came either for a holiday or for a purpose. Either way, we are glad to be with them. Many tourists came to this place and connect to some places around Thailand. It will take 30-45 minutes for you to travel from the city.

You can go by Songtiew ( which is the cheapest transpo), by car or by taxi from the city proper. It’s not far I suppose, many tourists came and enjoyed the place.