Camera Critters # 1

Camera Critters

I took a picture of our rabbit this morning. This was given to us by a friend. Our kids loved it.
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10 thoughts on “Camera Critters # 1”

  1. That’s one cute rabbit … though at first i thought I was looking at a small, fluffy puppy. i think it was the angle of those ears.. :-)

    And the fact tht I didn’t have my glasses on :-)

  2. Fuzzy rabbit. I love them! We’re too busy to take care of a real one so we settled for stuffed toy collections of them. :)

    Thanks for stopping by to visit my page. You’re in my blog roll too. Salamat and take care. :)

  3. Cute cute cute! I have a shot of a black one this week. ^^) Welcome to Camera Critters – Hope to see you back every weekend. Love from Brazil!

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