Bulata Beach Resort

Bulata is a small barangay where we used to live when we were still small. It’s 4 hours away from Bacolod by bus (we call it Ceres) and 2 hours and a half by car. There are a lot of surrounding beaches nearby too, but this beach is already well developed by a foreigner married to a Filipina.

When we were still young we went to this beach and enjoy playing in white sand. But for now, we could hardly go inside because you need to spend much before entering the beach.

However, many tourists are coming because of the soothing and americanized place, so to say, and of course they can afford to spend with that much! Other friends are telling us that you need dollars to come in. That’s our place Bulata, it is already known to many because it’s the best place for those who wanted to rest and enjoy the freezing cool soothing place!

You could find white sand in most beaches in our place; and many are saying, it looks like Boracay island. Beaches are everywhere. While traveling you could see and pass the mountains at the same time seeing the beauty of beaches downward while passing the zigzag road. Try and see our place, you will really enjoy!

Pictures will follow…