Batangas City

Batangas is another place where my family travelled last year when we were in the Phil. It’s also a nice place and quite far from the maddening crowd of Manila. It would take you more than 2 hours travel by bus. It is next to Lipa City.

My best friend before is staying there with her family. I wanted to see her because it was already more than a decade that we were not able to meet nor connect with each other. It was a great time for us to meet again. She just gave us the details on how to go in their place.

The travel was good though for me, it’s quite uneasy because I have a hard time for long distance travel especially by bus. Yet, we were able to see the place, it amazed us seeing a different place. While travelling we saw the wonders of creation especially when we were on top of the mountains and seeing underneath the valley and the big river and other amazing things below. God is really great in doing the wonders of the earth. It’s awesome! That is why our God is an awesome God!

When we reached Batangas, we saw their delicacies, and other natural products. In Batangas you could also find the smallest knife, the people themselves are making to earn a living. It’s a quiet place and the way of life is simple, it’s quite different from Manila.

Hope I could find some pictures…