Bangkok – First Time Trip

Travelling to different places is amusing at times. We’ve been to different places in the Phil. but it’s first time for us to travel as a family outside of our country. It’s quite interesting and a great experience especially for the kids.

When we reached Bangkok we find it hard at first because the people have a hard time to speak English as their foreign language. We only saw and follow the signs. Anyway, it’s quite interesting for us to see the place and the people.

It’s not so easy especially carrying our bags with our two-year old AJ but we were able to survive. And we found out that Thailand is one hour late in the Phil. We thought we’re already late because we took the connecting flight to Hatyai. But when we reached the domestic airlines we’re still on time and after 5 minutes we flew to Hatyai.

Though people had a hard time to speak in English but they are friendly. They usually smile with a Wai saying “Sawasdee kha!” They are good people. That’s when I learned to love Thailand.