An Exquisite Resort – Sta. Fe

After a long week of work and stressful days in school, I’m sure, a part of you wants to have a leisure time with the people nearest to your heart. Indeed, nobody would like to refuse for a time of decompression after a full-length of toiling. Exhausted about some stuffs? Bushed with outputs and deadly deadlines? Stress no more because right at this very moment, we will unveil a beautiful locale spotted here in Bacolod City.
For about 7kms away from downtown place, you can freely reach an exquisite resort that is, for some tourists, an object of visitation. A place that spawns an indelible memories among family and friends, heaves to a more precious events, and even partakes in some work objectives coupled with recreational pleasure. Welcome to STA. FE RESORT!

Sta. Fe Resort, also “A Heritage of Family Tradition”, was primarily a hacienda that was owned by Don Generoso Villanueva Sr., and for a reason, to lend his hacienda workers a way of relaxation pursuit, he began to unfold and expound the scenery of the place. And up to the present, Don Generoso’s work set the level of quality for the resort business in Bacolod. The good thing is the custom of giving the people prime services was actually passed to Don Generoso’s inheritors who chose to strengthen and liven his patrimony.

Sta. Fe Resort is proud for being identified as the family resort of choice here in Bacolod City. Why? Simply because their prime commitment is to make the experiences of their guests worthwhile and unforgettable. The resort has strategically schemed variety of amenities for kids, for them to have more fun and enjoyment. Let them relish the Elephant Pool with an elephant slide in which they can go swimming with other children. Also, the place holds its own playground and mini-zoo. In fact, Sta. Fe is the one and only resort in the city having these being offered to their visitors. And yes! Parents should not be wary about their kids wandering inside the mini-zoo for there are trained professionals that will escort the kids as they meet different animals and species. In addition to that, Sta. Fe is the merely the only resort having an Olympic-size pool. For sure, your time will really be worth it!

Enjoy Sta. Fe not just its pools, playground, and mini-zoo, but also its other facilities. Did you know that the resort also has installations that will help induce your level of excitement? You heard it right! Sta. Fe has a number of sports facilities that can be used during sports fest – sports like billiards, table tennis, dart, and courts open for volleyball and basketball. Teenagers who wish to experience playing sports in the resort can surely avail these, same as the resort’s open field that is suited for any sports Olympic the guests wanted to play.

But wait … there’s more! Sta. Fe also has their complete gun club facility that is the official shooting range of the Central Negros Shooters Association. Be amazed as you try and revel in the resort’s best offer that will lighten up your memories being made there.

If you wish to stay and make an additional memorable page of your visit in the spot, their accommodations will eventually alleviate the comfort that you will need since Sta. Fe has a number of cottages around it. Different rooms can accommodate two persons, a family of five, or a dormitory type that is capable of accommodating 100 persons.

The following are the types of rooms that the guests can avail in Sta. Fe Resort:
1. OSO CABANA- has 4 cottages, and each cottage is good for 2 persons. Each cottage has air-con, hot and cold shower, and cable television. Oso Cabana also has 1 family cottage that can accommodate 6-8 persons, and it has air-con, hot and cold shower, and cable television as well.
2. OSCAR VILLA- has 6 cottages, and each cottage is good for 2 persons. Same with Oso Cabana, it has air-con, hot and cold shower, and cable television.
• 4 cottages good for 2 persons, each cottage is with air-con, hot and cold shower, and cable television.
3. MARIO CASITAS- has 4 rooms that are good for 4 persons. Each room has air-con, hot and cold shower, cable television, and refrigerator.
• 7 rooms good for 2 persons with air-con, hot and cold shower, cable television, and a refrigerator upon request.
4. CASA ALICIA- has 6 rooms that are good for 2 persons. Each room has air-con, hot and cold shower, and cable television.
• 2 rooms good for 8-10 persons, and each air-con, hot and cold shower, cable television, and refrigerator. Aside from these rooms, visitors can also use Sta. Fe Resort as a venue for events, whether big or small, such as meetings, conferences, seminars, and conventions, because there are Function Halls available in the resort. The users also have the chance to choose on what hall to use whether air-condition type of hall, or non-air-condition. Indeed, Sta. Fe offers innumerable fun and relaxation from its swimming pools, accommodations, and other facilities. Their prime commitment is mirrored on how they accompany their visitors and how they make their experiences worthwhile. Visit Sta. Fe, be an explorer and let experiences fuel up your exploration.