An Enjoyable Trip

This is their swimming pool. There is also a small swimming pool just for kids.

Another view inside where you could feel the coolness of water flowing.

This is the place where a family can enjoy boating. It’s cool.

This is in front of the park.

Water is cool here. We love visiting other places if we have an opportunity to explore. Last summer, we went to Bangkok to apply for the renewal of our passport. Due to an extended holiday we were able to visit these places with the help of some friends. In front of the park has a lot of beautiful views, inside of it has more; it has a lot of rides for kids to enjoy. Old ones did enjoy too. The park has many interesting places for tourists and locals to enjoy and explore.

Our kids really enjoy exploring inside out. A very cool place with many interesting views and rides. We did a lot of rides during that time because we went there during holiday and they gave us discounts, so we enjoyed a lot.

It happened that we hadn’t experienced most of the rides and it was so exciting for all of us as a family. My hubby enjoyed too, lol! That was an unforgettable experience for us.

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