A Huge Connecting Malls

We went to different places in Bangkok and explore. It’s good that our kids didn’t go with us to different malls inside the city. They decided to stay at our friend’s house. So we had time to travel and explore the huge city of Bangkok.

Our friend who can speak Thai well went with us, another Filipino friend that we met in the city, my hubby and myself. It took more than an hour for us to get to the city proper.

When we reached the inner city, we saw a lot of people, and high rise buildings. We first saw the Siam Tower where you could see a lot of great and fantastic things.

Then we went to another mall connecting Siam Tower, it was known as Siam Discovery. It’s another huge mall with fascinating designs.

Siam Paragon is the 3rd mall connecting to these 2 malls (Siam Tower and Siam Discovery). It’s really, very huge and fantastic.

Underground the mall is the Largest Aquarium in Southeast Asia. We really had fun and we enjoyed a lot though it’s quite tiring the whole day. It’s worth it!

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