A Cave Adventure

We went to a cave few days ago because it’s holiday in Thailand. We were invited by a friend to visit that place. It was for the first time that we went there as a family. It was very dark inside, we had a lot of lying down while passing inside. We went by boat, and it was quite dangerous I guess, but because it’s our first time we were able to manage. Our friend said, that will be the first and the last that we will go inside the cave.

Right after the cave adventure, we went to the hot spring, about 5 meters away from the cave. It was so cool, it has a very hot swimming pool with a little water. My hubby and friends did a contest for whoever can stay longer in the hot spring will win 20 baht, lol! It was fun. Some of us tried the hottest water from the hot spring but we can’t stay longer than 5 seconds. But hubby and the 2 guys stayed longer than that because of their contest. However, we went to different places and we (each family) did a bathe in each room for 45 minutes, wow, it’s cool and hot too.

We also saw a lot of monkeys carrying their babies while sleeping. We enjoyed the fun and the fellowship. I will be posting some photos tomorrow.