I’m Blessed

I’m always grateful to my God for this gift of giving and blessing others. I discovered to have that joy of giving. It’s indeed a great opportunity to be a blessing to the needy, those who are less fortunate and cannot afford to pay in return. God is indeed their shield and rampart.

Living near the mountains is not that easy especially since it’s quite far from the highway but they struggled for life. They keep going and survive in a very simple way. They live simply and are contented with what they have. I love their ways of saying thank you with a grateful heart! Blessings to all of them. They have a young Pastor who shepherd them and blessed them too.

A Blessed Christmas

Why Christmas is blessed? All of us would really agree that the coming of Jesus on earth is an amazing thing that happened to mankind. He came, He bled and died for all mankind. But not all wanted to call upon Him and ask for help and guidance. Not all believed in what He has done to humankind.

Christmas is still a blessed one and I believe God works and wanted that many will come to repentance and believe. God is in control and God is always faithful and true to all His promises! He will always be there for us no matter what. King Jesus is a great God and Savior.

Because of Christmas, we have hope and fulfillment in Him. Jesus came to seek and to save the lost.

The Catastrophe

Although we celebrated this season of the year, many are still longing to have a white Christmas. Some experienced the loss of loved ones and homes due to typhoon Odette last Dec 16 of this year 2021. It was a devastating experience for those who are living in the Southern part of Negros. It just happened and many were shocked by the flow of water so fast that destroyed the homes, schools, and many businesses around the area.

A storm like that is something we do not desire to happen but we cannot control it. But God in His sovereignty takes full control of everything and many were calling help from Him. Nonetheless, Christmas is still a season of giving and receiving, enjoying and thanking God for everything whether good or bad that happened to our lives. God is in control!