Boracay Expose 2

Visiting this place for the first time is indeed something to treasure. Boracay is really a place where God shows His handiwork especially in the seas, seashore and the ocean. I’m greatly amazed of how God created all things for the humankind to enjoy. Something to be grasp!

Blessed with Friends

I’m blessed with friends who love and care for me. When I celebrated my birthday last weekend I was with my best friend who really cares! She drove me to the hills and mountainous places nearby and we enjoyed seeing the scenery and the creation God had made for mankind. It was an enjoyable experience.

After which we headed to another place near the seashore and ate crabs. That’s the only food we crave at that time. And we ate the 1kilo of crabs with two different tastes, one spicy and the other not that spicy at all. But the good thing is, we were able to manage and enjoy the day sharing and praying…

Place I’ve Been

It’s great to travel to different places across the country and the world. We love to visit the mountains, the valleys, the plateaus and the lakes as well as the seas. It’s a great feeling to see world around us.

Visiting places that people enjoy makes my heart grow strong. A kind of feeling that only I could understand. A feeling of gratitude to God and blessed to have God in my life.

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